funny feelings going through my veins

in other words: getting ready to my Braz-Tesol presentation

Here I am, on a holiday, 22nd May, 2008, preparing my 3rd Braz-Tesol Regional chapter presentation and the same feeling happens to fill my heart: are people ready for the net 2.0? Are students ready for it? Are schools willing to get on this fast train?

I haven’t been able to come to a conclusion YET, all I know is that I’m trying PRETTY HARD to get on this train and somewhat and somehow I can’t. I’m chasing the train, but it goes faster than me. I’m trying to keep updated to the latest in technology and teaching, but I feel alone.

Last year, my presentation was about “blogging and learning in the web 2.0” . I thought I’d get to meet colleagues who were willing to set a blogging project with their students. However, teachers complained about it being a time-counsuming device. I tried to convince them that yes, it is time consuming but along with other time consuming devices, it’s woth giving it a try. I wonder if they started a blogging project and how they felt about it. None of them concacted me through e-mail. It’s a shame people aren’t used to giving feedback. I also wonder how they feel about all these latest revolutions taking place every second in the web 2.0 and our students being part of it.

What’s the STUDENT 2.0 like? What was student 1.0 like? What should we take into consideration to get to the student 2.0 on time? Do teachers want to follow and keep updated to all the tiniest so-called revolutions online?

These questions fill my mind and once again, I haven’t been able to find the answers o – at least satisfactory ones – to them all. I have my guesses – if you, out there, would like to help me out, I’d be very pleased. Leave your comment, send and e-mail, MSN me, google talk me, but please, do not leave me without a satisfactory answer.

I hope that this year’s Braz-Tesol Regional Chapter one day seminar presentations help teachers out on how to get the best out of the net 2.0 and how not to feel afraid of GETTING INTO this quiet, but fast revolution happening here (on the net 2.0). I also hope teachers access this blog, which I set for sharing extra ideas and trying to develop a discussion on this topic (learning and teaching in the web 2.0)


Thiago Eduardo

Brasília, Brazil



mobile: +55 (61) 8157 00333