WELCOME to my presentation online

Hey guys!

First time here? Because of the presentation @ Braz Tesol One Day Seminar in Brasília, Brazil?


Hope you get some nice ideas to head for a TEACHER 2.0 future!

Leave comments, send e-mails, let’s discuss ideas here!

Here you are my presentation online, with the links and extra sites:

Some food for thought:

The machine is Us/ing us



more about RSS:

How I Use RSS To Make My Life Easier

One thought on “WELCOME to my presentation online”

  1. Hello Thiago,

    I had a really good time reading your blog and watching your braz-tesol slides. I´m amazed at the fact we haven´t met in the blogsphere yet. I´m also Brazilian from Uberlandia and am a member of the Yahoo community “Learning with Computers” and “Blogging4educators” in ning. We have lots of interests in common so I´ve added you to my feevy (blog feed). I´ll be following you. By the way, will you be going to Braz-tesol Fortaleza, Jul 2008?

    Good job,
    anamaria (alias- anamariacult)

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