Using in Education

I think that is one of the most useful Web 2.0 tools. It facilitates:

– saving and accesing your bookmarks online

– promoting your own sites (you bookmark in your best pages, dont you?)

– finding bookmarks from other users on your network (they are searching for relevant sites for you)

– networking with other users who are inyour network.

– reading your networks bookmarks, since provides convenient RSS feeds.

– use a profile tag, such as emapeys bookmarks tagged with
profile on
to feature your sites, best posts and articles

and important sites linking to you.

List of useful links to resources for using help Networking Features

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You can start building your network. Join the EdTechTalk network. You can also continue networking by joining some fans in the

These are my emapeys bookmarks on

These are my emapeys network bookmarks

Note how via My Network, I now have a stream of bookmarks from some users I have selected. These users are searching the internet and bookmarking useful sites and pages for me !!!!!

I want to credit my friend FCEBLOG for some of the ideas included in this post.


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